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How to fish a plastic worm – A Fishing Fool Article ™Fishing Fool Logo

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Everyone eventually develops a comfort bait. Something that you have lots of confidence in and you have a long history of result with. For me, it is the plastic worm. Its versatility allows you to fish it in almost every situation you will find. It can be fished in shallow water, deep water, ledges, shorelines, thick weeds and grass, even top water.

Plastic wormYou can add weight to match conditions, sound using glass and plastic rattles, fish them weedless or with an open hook. Nowadays you can get them in about every color you can think of and they are still fairly inexpensive.

Choosing a color and rig
You could spend hours in your bait and tackle store looking at all the different color combinations of plastic worms. Start with something natural looking for your area. Some good colors might be grape, June bug, motor oil, blue with red tail, and black. Ask around and find out what works best in your more of this fishing article

Bass fishing for beginners – A Fishing Fool Article ™Fishing Fool Logo

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I am told that I started fishing when I was around 2 years old and caught my first bass soon after that. I grew up bass fishing in and around Lake Okeechobee in south Florida. While most kids my age were waking up to Saturday morning cartoons I was screaming across some lake in a boat heading for the “honey hole”, it was great!

Largemouth BassI was fortunate that both my dad and grandfather fished, so I always had someone to take me. Nowadays, I try to pass along the knowledge of bass fishing that I have accumulated over the years and hopefully keep the cycle going with future generations.


Why Bass fishing?
Well, in a single word I would have to say “excitement”. I have fished for almost every species that North America has to offer (except for that ice fishing thing) and pound for pound NOTHING FIGHTS LIKE A BASS! more of this fishing article

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